Turkish Gulet For Sale

Turkish Gulet For SaleTurkish gulet for sale new generation Steel hull and ketch rigged gulet are stronger and have superiority concerning stability and sailing performance as well as maintanence cost compared to wooden gulets, However classic gulets built with epoxy laminated wooden hulls has a longer life span due to lack of corrosion and high quality epoxy resins being resistant to seawater.

Classic beauty and charm of a wooden gulet cannot be expected in a steel gulet however the seaworthiness and low cost repair of steel hull gulet are superior to wooden boats.

Furthermore steel gulets are more spacious than the same size wooden gulet due to construction material. the price and the design of your desired yacht can be different depending on the gears, brand names and quality of the materials choosen.

Turkish Gulet For Sale

Istanbul built Turkish gulets for sale and ketch rigged yachts have always been distinctive from the rest of the southwestern Turkish built gulets with their distinctive design and quality craftmanship.

The leading gulet design and modern construction technics are imposed by prominent Istanbul boatyards has been applied by Bodrum gulet builders.

The steel hull Gulet construction has been very popular due to their durability, strength and ease of maintanence and preferred by Gulet enthusiasts.

Fethiye and Marmaris boatyards has a good reputation for building economic Turkish gulet for sale since year 2000 since the croatian yacht charter companies prefer the classic wooden gulets and they have purchased numerous gulets with quite competitive prices,

Turkish Gulet For SaleTurkish boatyards then commenced building more sophisticated and luxury yachts of new generation Luxury gulet for sale that has a large demand for exportation to neighbouring mediterranean countries, also to Bahamas, Egypt and Thailand.