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Gulet For Sale Gulet For Sale Our company has been a part of the blue water industry since the 1980s serving clients with devotion and truthfulness. We are a group of professional gulets for sale in Turkey brokers who have...
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Gulets for Sale in Turkey Gulets for Sale in Turkey Our company offers gulets for sale in Turkey with experienced crews overseas via our long expertise in marine tourism andĀ gulet for saleĀ in Turkey industry. We would like to share...
Turkish Gulet For Sale
Turkish Gulet For Sale Turkish Gulet For Sale Turkish gulet for sale new generation Steel hull and ketch rigged gulet are stronger and have superiority concerning stability and sailing performance as well as maintenance cost...
Gulets for sale

Gulets For Sale

Turkish-built Gulets for sale are traditionally designed for commercial and private cruising in the eastern Mediterranean waters and are mostly rigged as two-masted schooner or ketch or yawl. Modern Gulet hull is epoxy laminated Mahogany or hardwood with twin-screw motor sailing yachts mostly built in Istanbul and southwestern Turkish Riviera.

Although similar vessels can be found all around the eastern Mediterranean. Gulets for sale have different sizes from 14 to 42 meters and are very popular for commercial yacht charters. Gulets for sale in Turkey have a standard construction method that has been practiced in Aegean and eastern Mediterranean Turkish boatyards such as Antalya, Manavgat, Fethiye, Marmaris, Bozburun, and Bodrum where gulets for sale are built in traditional methods.

Quality Of Gulets For Sale

Turkish Gulet for sale building commences with the construction of a steel box called iron spine filled with metal scraps and concrete, the traditional long keel is to keep the lover and the upper keel intact and to keep the GM point as low as possible to avoid heeling and to make them stable. In addition construction of the frames and stiffeners of the hull assembled with high-quality materials such as two-component epoxy resins, high-tech materials to make sure the hull is monobloc, strong and seaworthy.

Turkish gulet for sale is always built with solid construction materials such as African mahogany for her strength and flexibility to gain seaworthiness, the side plankings are three or four layers of epoxy laminated 10 mm mahogany strips coated with two layers of fiberglass and finally covered with two components epoxy steel putty.

Gulets For Sale

Gulets for sale and Gulet building industry has been a very well organized and successful industry which is enjoying orders from all over the world since 1980. Gulet has been long been serving the blue water industry and the building materials are improved and the quality of riggings and sailing gears are updated to world standards. Our portfolio of Turkish gulets for sale has many alternatives and you will definitely find what you are looking for. Hundreds of gulet for sale are in our portfolio either preowned or newly built custom design, custom-built ones.