Traditional Turkish Gulets

We encourage custom built traditional turkish  gulets for sale. If you are interested, you can draw your own gulet in your mind, think about the preferences that you like the best which means that you understand what you exactly need or prefer to see on board of your vessel.
You can choose the hull material according to your own preference then think of your budget, then try to think of the interior, the space and furniture that you like to have on board depending on the size of the vessel and the number of guests that you would like to host on board.
As for now, Turkish gulets are of the best trademarks that you can ever see in the basin of the Mediterranean and the Aegean seas. Our gulets are built with top quality materials. If you prefer to build your gulet out of your own designation, then our naval engineers can help you achieve your dream.

Traditional Turkish  Gulets

In fact, our gulets were smaller in size and were used for other purposes other than cruising. They were used for carrying passengers between the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. Other gulets’ owners tried to use them for fishing purposes.
After the booming of tourism in the Middle East, these vessels have been modified by their owners, so that they can respond to the modern needs of marine life and marine tourism. This is a brief history of how your traditional turkish  gulets for sale started to come into being!!
If you feel that have inquiries about your vessel, our captains can get back to you with the best options that suit your needs and address your demands. We highly advise that you consult with our captains before taking any action related to the delivery processes of your traditional turkish  gulets for sale.